K1 Attack

K-1 Attack


The K-1 Attack Roadster is a sports car built by the Slovak car company K-1 Engineering. The cars are manufactured by hand in Bratislava. The Attack was officially launched in May 2002, but was in development since 1999.

The car was originally made for racing, developed by Engineer Dick Kvetnansky and designed by Juraj Mitra and was completed in 2000.

The car was built initially as a race car, upon seeing the demand as a road car the car was made available as a kit car using the 90-93 Honda Accord as the donor car. Small modifications could be made to accommodate the H22 engine from the Honda Prelude as well.

Engine Technical Data


Class Sports Car
Body 2 Door 2 Seat
Layout Mid Engine
Rear Drive
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
5 Speed Manual
Type Conventional
Details V6
183 in3
Max Power
242 bhp @6900rpm
Max Torque
221 lb/ft @5500rpm
Power to Weight
248 bhp/ton
Torque to Weight
227 lbft/ton
Specific Output 81 bhp/litre
159.0 in 
73.2 in 
41.5 in 
2183 lbs 
Wheels (F/R) ? X 19
? X 19 
Electro / Diesel Hybrid

superclean biodiesel/electric powertrain with superior acceleration and fantastic consumption of 4 liters

Top Speed
245 km/h or 155 mph 
0 – 100 kph
 5.2 s
0 – 200 kph
21.3 s Est
100 – 200 kph
16.1 s Est.
0 – 60 mph
 4.8 s
0 – 100 mph
 12.4 s Est.
 1/8 mile
 9.5 s