FT Bonito

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FT Bonito

Fiber-fab FT Bonito is a German kit car of the 1970s with plastic body and sporty appearance. The manufacturer was Fiber-fab body.

The manufacturer presented the Fiber-fab Bonito to the public for the first time in September 1969 at the Frankfurt IAA.

The car was a 2+2-seat sports coupe with a flat nose, low belt-line and squared-off hatchback on the chassis and with the engine of the VW Beetle. The Bonito’s appearance was in line with popular notions of a racy sports car of the time.

Fiber-fab offered the Bonito exclusively as a kit car, a build-it-yourself kit. Only the sample cars were built ready to drive. Normally, the Bonito kits were transported by rail, in large wooden cases specially built for this purpose. However, many customers also picked up their Bonito kit themselves. A VW flatbed truck or an open car trailer was sufficient for this purpose.

According to company boss Jörgfrieder Kuhnle, Fiber-fab produced more than 1000 Bonito kits during its almost ten-year construction period. According to information from the “Bonito & Kit Car IG Deutschland”, there are still around 100 VW Beetles with Bonito bodies in Germany alone. However, not even half of them are still roadworthy or have a road registration.

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